Flash Fiction Friday – Mansplaining

Today, I used Seventh Sanctum‘s writing challenge generator and this line caught my eye: “During the story, a character eats something that disagrees with them.”. I find the ambiguity of the word disagree amusing, and at first I thought of talking cookies, but then, with what’s going on right now in politics, it made me think of this instead:


“Well, actually…” the little man drawled, adjusting the cuffs of his crisp white shirt and leaning in an even more intentionally relaxed way against the nearby boulder. He launched into another half-coherent and wholly unsympathetic tirade that he’d probably borrowed from some self-proclaimed political analyst with a blog and only half remembered.
She sighed. You’d think that a stone giantess far up in the remote mountains wouldn’t have to deal with these types, but somehow they kept finding her. She’d already tried several times to ask, then tell, then insist that he leave her in peace, but he just wouldn’t stop talking. Fed up, she picked him up by the collar of his shirt. The tirade turned into a surprised squeal, then a string of profanity and finally a satisfying crunch as she popped him into her mouth and crushed him between her enormous teeth.
She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Yuck. Tastes like rotten egg.”

I’m pretty happy with it, tbh.

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