Flash Fiction Friday – Some Nights

Last night I went to a party. On the metro back I wrote this:

Some nights, she felt cool. Not just cool for a geek, or cool for being her, but cool in some unqualified, objective way.
Some nights, she felt sexy and, only halfway through her first cider, stopped worrying about whether it had been a mistake to wear a bra that showed through her T-shirt.
Some nights, she could imagine that when the singer in the Penelope Garcia dress called her good-looking, it came from a place of attraction and not just a casual appreciation of her outfit.
Some nights, she could talk and talk and talk and never apologize for talking to much, instead taking the nods and follow-up questions for genuine interest.
Tonight was one of those nights.

Not so much a narrative, as a feeling. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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