Twice Fortnightly – Vegging, as promised.

Titles says it all really. The past week has been largely unproductive, which has been nice but also a bit frustrating. My vegging has been equal parts taking it easy after nano, and just putting off doing that planing I mentioned. So basically, that’s what I’m doing the coming week: planning. And getting back to my flash fiction. I haven’t written at all most days this last week and as much as I seem to be needing a bit of time off, I don’t want to fall too far out of my daily writing habit. I just feel like I get rusty so fast. So I’ll try to pick up a bit on that score, even while taking it a bit easy. Tonight, for example, I wrote just a hundred words or so, a scene that was buzzing around my head earlier today. Better than nothing.

I do need to get that planing done. I have a feeling I’ll feel better once I know what I can expect out of the next half year.

Good night lovelies! 

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