Tribe News – 2 Releases and one Upcoming + Bonus

I just wanted to do a quick post tonight to tell you about some exciting news from some of my writing buddies! Now, I’ve only read one of the books I’m about to mention but I’m planing to read a lot in the summer after my release and these will be at the top of my list.

First up is Liquid City by A. C. Buchanan. They come up with some of the most unique story ideas I’ve ever heard, and with Liquid City being a science fiction story with a non-binary MC, smuggling and cephalopods, I am convinced it’s brilliant!

Then there’s The Way the Sky Curves by J. C. Hart, an installment in her Kotahi Bay series. Her previous book In The Spirit, which I quite enjoyed, was in the same series and I look forward to returning to the bay once my life calms down a tad.

And, just like the first time I posted Tribe News, the lovely Z. R. Southcombe has an upcoming release! Her book Lucy’s Story, which I was fortunate enough to beta read, is being launched on June 20th, and you can check out this Facebook event for more information about the launch.

Lastly, I just want to point you to the website of Serenity Woods, who I’m sure needs no help from me spreading the word about her spicy romance novels. It seems to me she basically has a new book out all the time (don’t know how she does it!), so just head on over and check out her news section.


It’s just awesome to have such productive, creative people around you (albeit figuratively, since they’re all over in NZ, hah)! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an upcoming release to freak out about.

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