Mulligan – ThinkKit Prompt #12

Yesterday’s ThinkKit prompt got overshadowed by me freaking out over how quickly Going Home was published on Amazon. Today the prompt is to wite about something from the last year that you wish you could do over (hence the rather lame title). I knew before I’d even finished reading the prompt what I’d write about.

In October, I turned in an assignment that I could’ve turned in in early June or in August. I didn’t just turn it in on the “I missed the deadline”-deadline, but on the “I super missed the deadline, please take my exam so that I don’t have to do this course again next year”-deadline. And the truth was, I really had no reason to. The spring was busy, but I could’ve easily finished the assignment in the summer and avoided the stressful fall I had. Pure avoidance on my part and I really regret it, because it was one of those cases where putting something off not only not helped, but actually made things worse. But at least I finished the course!

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