Announcement – Going Home Release Date!

So, I promised you guys a big announcement “on Saturday”. In all the excitement of NaNo starting Saturday sort of said zoom and was gone, but here I am, a mere day late, with my announcement: I have settled on a release date for Going Home! Exciting!!

Going Home will be released on Kindle on 13/12-2014 (also known as St. Lucia’s Day here in Sweden). That’s barely more than a month from now! A bit sudden, I know. Truth is, I should’ve settled on a release date long ago and I think that if I had, the book might’ve been released by now. So in order to rectify this mistake, and make sure I in fact get to publish something in 2014 like I’ve been planning all year, I’ve set this date and thrown myself headfirst into self-pub research.

Is this a bit crazy? It feels a bit crazy. But I don’t care, just like I don’t care if I have to get by on 4h sleep the last little while before release or cut back on other hobbies in order to get it done. Honestly, I don’t even really care if I end up not-quite-satisfied with my cover and having to replace it next year. I need to get this thing finished. Like, yesterday. Or, now officially, by December 13th. Save the date, kids!

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