On your marks, get set…. Jog!


I never really took myself for a jogger. I was always under the impression that jogging was boring, and then a few years ago I decided to try the C25K jogging program. I discovered that not only do I not find jogging boring, I actually really like it! There’s just something… meditative, maybe, about it. It’s satisfying as a workout, to me anyway, and in addition you get to pass by all these places and people and trees and things as you jog. The program is nice too, it’s made for total newbies and it starts out very slowly and increases gradually. And, of course, there is an app which says ping when you’re supposed to switch between jogging and walking.

I’ve started C25K a couple of times in the past but I’ve never finished it. I’m hoping this year will be the year that I do, and I’m thinking of going on my first jog next week. I’m a bit hesitant because it’s still a bit cold in the mornings (my favorite time to run), and I find it really uncomfortable to get winded when the air is cold. But we’ll see. I do have next week off work so maybe I’ll jog during the day instead of the morning. Either way, I look forward to starting it again.

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  1. I’ve told myself for years that I wanted to jog. I think it would be good for me but I’ve just never managed it.
    I have plenty of excuses – all quite creative – but the main one is just that I’m lazy.

    Dunno… maybe this year it will be different.

    • Well, maybe jogging just isn’t your thing! Everyone’s different, I was actually quite surprised that I liked it but there are many forms of exercise I’d just never bother with.

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