Flash Fiction Friday – An excess of ranch

Just a little thing based on a dream πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy it!

An excess of ranch

The first few time it had happened, I didn’t even really notice. I mean, it’s hardly unheard of, waking up in the morning and realizing that you had a packet of milk left after all, even though you thought you were out. If I’d happened to dream about picking up milk that night… well, it was just a weird coincidence. 

But then it started to be things that couldn’t slip under the radar quite so easily. Food I hadn’t eaten in years, things I couldn’t find in my local grocery store. Kiwis. I’m allergic to those. I started to remember the dreams more clearly, be able to tell them apart from even normal grocery store dreams. Now, I’m so used to them that when I wake up I know instantly what I’ll find in my kitchen. 

That’s why I’m already irritated when I wake up. Just because I’m aware of the dreams doesn’t mean I can control them. If I could, there wouldn’t currently be several dozens of bottles of ranch, the dullest condiment, in my fridge. My day hasn’t even started yet, and I already have a problem to solve. Do I try to sell them? Donate them? Stick them in the stairwell and hope people find them new homes? Gods, why so many, dream-me? Why?

The only upside is that if I’m lucky, really lucky, this might answer a question I’ve been asking since this all started – when my dreams stock my fridge, where does the food come from? Does it appear out of thin air, or does it disappear from somewhere? After all, if a cashier opens up a store tomorrow morning and find that a copious amount of ranch has disappeared but nothing else, that might just be weird enough to make the local papers…

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