Twice Fortnightly – Dialing it Back a Bit

You know, typing this blog post title has made be realize that the word dial is not spelled the way I expected it. The i-a sequence really doesn’t seem to jibe with the pronunciation. Aaaanyway, that is not what I am here to write about today. Not at all! It’s Monday, and on Mondays I sit down to tell you what I’ve been doing lately and what I plan to do shortly. This week has been, again, a bit weird. I have one of those not-quite-colds, that sort that don’t quite turn into a full-on cold but put a real damper on your energy levels. I find those really frustrating, because I spend part of the day feeling mostly normal and thus I make normal plans, but then I tank super quickly and have to alter those. I deal much better with being more consistently ill, in a way that makes it easy to cancel or alter my plans. But oh well! In between this not-quite-cold, university, work and a weekend trip mostly spent helping my grandmother move, writing was not super plentiful last week. I also kept rather bad track of my writing time, but I think I clocked about 5h in total. This was basically entirely spent on testing out and brainstorming around a new idea, as well as writing random snippets from other things (including my Flash Fiction Friday piece), mainly to maintain my streak on 4thewords. Not, perhaps, the most productive use of time but some writing is better than no writing.

Since I still have this not-quite-cold, my goals for this week are:

  • Spending 7h on writing. A slightly lowered goal because, well… I haven’t been reaching my goals lately.
  • Do my Flash Fiction Friday post.
  • Continue testing out my new story idea, which I might use for NaNoWriMo.
  • ​Do my Thursday Evening Tea Time stream, with flash fiction and… I’m not sure. Maybe conlanging, or maybe worldbuilding for some short or other. We’ll see…
  • Keep working on my big Overview Scrivener project, where I am trying to keep track of all my stories, from the ideas to the finished books.
  • Add 1k to my Orryn #3 draft.

I really wanna hit my hours goal this week. It does bum me out a bit to keep missing them, even if it has, lately, been largely due to circumstances not entirely in my control. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself about it, but it would still be a boost to my self-esteem to look back on this list in a week and be able to say “yup, I did do all that! Go me!”. Wish me luck, lovelies!

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