#AdventBoost Day 13 – Kristine Wyllys

Today’s advent boost directs your attention toward Kristine Wyllys, WOC author and feminist. I believe she is cherokee but my google-skillz are failing me tonight so I will leave it at believe because I don’t want to mischaracterize anyone. I started following her on Twitter a while back, having found her account through some retweet or other. She tweets on a range of topics: politics, feminism, oppression and colonialism, family life, pop culture and a lot more. She’s one of those people where basically everything she tweets is interesting, touching, amusing or a mix of the three.

I didn’t realize that she is a writer and poet until recently, when she posted her poem The Dragon’s Daughter which is just amazing and gave me chills. This poem alone is worth a boost post in my opinion! Apparently it gave me chills so much I almost said so a second time just now. After finding this poem, I visited her website and discovered that she also writes long-form fiction. I haven’t had time to read her series The Lane yet but it’s in my Goodreads to-read list. Judging by the blurbs, they sound like a good read! I have about two weeks off for Christmas so hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze a lot of reading, including starting on The Lane books, in then.

Aaaanyway: you should follow Kristine on Twitter @KristineWyllys and visit her website where she also offers commissions for book covers and promotional materials!

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