Twice Fortnightly – Here, have a polar bear!

I don’t mention my collection of ball-jointed dolls often here on the blog, but tonight I just have to share a photo of my little polar bear doll (a Fairyland puki event faceplate, in case anyone wants to know). I’ve had here for over a year, but only just painted her and gosh, she turned out so cute. Here’s Metaphora May:


Isn’t she just darling? It was really nice to finally do something BJD-y after such a long time, too!

So what have I been up to this week, besides painting polar bears? Well, I have:

  • Very nervously poked at my fanfiction piece, including obsessing over miniscule details.
  • Worked a bit on a Patreon short, but not finished it, sadly.
  • Done another roleplay-inspired piece for Flash Fiction Friday.

And in the week to come? The plan is:

  • More fanfic editing
  • More Patreon editing
  • Updating my Patreon profile page
  • Post for Flash Fiction Friday
  • Post that news post I was gonna do this week.

Sleepy-time, loves! Take care!

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