Twice Fortnightly – Viva Barcelona!

This past week I have:

  • Written ~550 words during my daily writing
  • Started reading October’s chapter from One Year to a Writing Life, but not doing the exercises yet
  • Posted about September’s chapter from One Year to a Writing Life. I originally thought I hadn’t done this because I’d accidentally posted it under the wrong date.

My last goal, unfortunately, fell victim to poor time-management and a weekend trip to Barcelona to celebrate my uncle’s 50th birthday. So it’s been a very pleasant, but not terribly productive, week!
This coming week will have to be equally slow, not due to any travel plans but due to a school assignment being due on Sunday. I just don’t have the presence of mind right now to fit that and any advanced writing plans into my week. So I’ll focus on two small goals:

  • Doing my daily writing, aiming at 1k in total or more
  • Posting about September’s chapter from One Year to a Writing Life Turns out I’d done this after all, hah!

I don’t like setting my goals so low, but this assignment has really been causing me grief so far and I don’t dare overreach since finishing it is vital to being able to continue my studies the way I want to in the next few years. On the bright side, once it’s over and done with it’ll be an amazing load off my mind which, hopefully, will boost my productivity a bit in other aspects of life.

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