Flash Fiction Fraturday – What Love Means

I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation lately and having a lot of feelings about how Deanna Troi is treated as a character and the weird romantic-adjacent situations she keeps being placed in by the show’s writers (and how little screen time her friendship with Beverly Crusher gets). So I decided to write some fanfic. I’m Continue reading Flash Fiction Fraturday – What Love Means

Flash Fiction Friday – Perfect

I’ve been browsing a lot of gender feels-themed Pinterest boards lately and this scene popped into my head. I couldn’t pick which pronouns to use for the character, so I just didn’t use any at all. It was interesting exercise, though I feel like it made the prose a bit convoluted in places but hey – it’s just flash fiction, Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Perfect

Adventboost 2017 – Day 20 & 21 – Ash Hardell & Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Hey everyone, welcome to another rendition of “Emma was super busy yesterday so she’d posting a two-for-one boost of similar things”. Last night I played D&D and then went for beers and was out waaaay later than I had planned. Oops! But anyway, today I’m boosting two YouTubers:   Ash Hardell Ash Hardell is queer author and YouTuber who posts Continue reading Adventboost 2017 – Day 20 & 21 – Ash Hardell & Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

#Adventboost Day 17 – Kayla Whaley

Today’s adventboost isn’t about any particular product, but rather a person. Kayla Whaley is a queer, disabled essayist and co-editor of Disability in Kidlit, a website which, unsurprisingly, is focused on disability in children’s literature. I first started following Kayla on Twitter a while back after someone re-tweeted a thread (can’t remember which one) of hers into my feed. Since Continue reading #Adventboost Day 17 – Kayla Whaley