Five, Seven, Five – ThinkKit Prompt #31

So it’s here, the last ThinkKit prompt of the year. I was too sleepy to write it last night after staying up to watch the fireworks and have a delicious dinner with my parents and my bf, so I’m doing it now instead. The prompt, to my delight, was to show something about your past, present and future through… haikus! If Continue reading Five, Seven, Five – ThinkKit Prompt #31

Twice Fortnightly – Welcome, 2015!

Okay, it’s a day early to welcome the new year, but I’m not gonna be posting this tomorrow, now am I? In fact, I should have posted this yesterday but I had this killer headache in the evening so I elected to postpone. During this, the last full week of the year, I have: Written almost every day Started working on the Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Welcome, 2015!

One Small Step – ThinkKit Prompt #28

Today’s ThinkKit prompt is to write about something you can do to support a goal you have for 2015. One of the more specific prompts of the month, I think. Now, I’m not gonna talk about my goals for 2015 since I already blogged about those a few days ago. So instead I’m gonna tell you guys that I signed up on Continue reading One Small Step – ThinkKit Prompt #28