Flash Fiction Friday – Weresnakes and Pinefores

A silly little piece based on a dream I had last night. I’m not sure it was actually a cute dress, but I sure thoughts so in the dream! Anyway, enjoy!

Weresnakes and Pinefores

 “Oh hey, there’s that dress we were looking at the other day.” Belinda stopped, catching Rim by the arm to stop her too, and pointing at a spring green sweater dress with a darker, slightly brighter green pinafore overtop of it. A second-hand piece for sure, not something you’d find in a regular store in the last decade or two. 

“What dress?” Rim asked. “That maxi one?”

“No, the green. The one we saw!”

“The green? I’ve never seen that dress before.”

“No, you have, remember. When we were at the mall the other day?”

Rim quirked an eyebrow at her. “We weren’t at the mall the other day.”

“Yes, we were! Remember, we went down for milkshakes, and then we saw the dress, and then we talked to that guy who turned into a-” She paused. “Oh. He turned into a snake. I might have dreamed that.”

“You might? I mean, yeah, I guess it’s theoretically possible you dreamed about the weresnake dude.” Rim rolled her eyes and elbowed Belinda playfully in the side. 

“Oh, shut up!” Belinda swatter her on the shoulder, then looped her arm through hers as they started walking again. A few steps down, as they passed the milkshake place, she glanced back toward the dress in the window. Weird… If it had all been a dream, why did the dress look so familiar?

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