Flash Fiction Fraturday – Aquamarine

I wasn’t going to catch up on Flash Fiction Friday after I missed it yesterday, but then I had a tiny, very silly idea. Here you go:


Steph awoke, and for a moment she wasn’t sure why she felt so amused. As the dream came back to her, she chuckled softly and rubbed her face. Ridiculous… She reached for her phone to check the time. Two minutes until her alarm went off, as usual. She turned it off and forced herself into a sitting position. This wasn’t a snooze button kind of day – not that she had many of those nowadays. 

She shuffled into the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine, still checking her head at the dream. Sometimes she really didn’t understand what her subconscious was trying to tell her. In the dream, she’d met some kind of a witch in the grocery store, and she’d told her that she’d become a mermaid if she dyed her hair aquamarine. Apparently, that was just what dream-Steph had wanted, because the only other thing she remembered was a bunch of dye everywhere.

A while later, once oatmeal and coffee had been ingested and clothes appropriate for the big meeting she had coming up at 9 am had been picked out, Steph stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Considering her options and what sort of impression she wanted to give, she picked up her comb and begun parting her hair for an updo she hoped would say “serious professional, but in a hip, relaxed kind of way”. Nestled among her auburn, about two inches behind her left ear, was a single lock of aquamarine hair. 

“Well, shit…” said Steph. 

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