Flash Fiction Friday – Vengeance-Red

Tonight I came to think of an old idea for a D&D character class that I might try to build one day. I had the idea years ago, and even wrote this old piece of flash fiction about it, and I’m not sure why it was on my mind tonight but I do really like the flash fic piece that came of it. Check it out:


 “There, it’s in there!” The girl pointed into the cavern and as the brave hunters rushed past her, her demeanor changed. Wide fearful eyes became steel-hard in focus, trembling hands stilled, timidly sloping shoulders squared. Her hands dipped into the satchel at her waist, digging for her weapon.

“Do you see it?” 

“I can’t see anything!” 

“Light a torch!” 

She sneered without looking up. Buffoons, all of them. Brave, brave hunters that bragged over slaying limping wolves and clubbing elderly imps over the head, drank the villagers out of hearth and home and helped themselves to their children and spouses as they pleased. She found the glove, pulled it out and on, and raised her head. The razor-sharp talons stitched into the fingers with crude stitches glittered in the sun, and she turned her gaze skyward just for a moment. “In your name, they die…” she mumbled, and drew two fingers across her forehead. Blood ran vengeance-red in thin rivulets down her forehead, and she felt the beast bubbling in the recesses of her mind. It used to come so suddenly, like something knocking into you and then blackness. Nowadays, she had the length of a breath to ready herself, to feel her muscles swell and her thoughts recede, before it took over and the whites of her eyes turned to black.  

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