Flash Fiction Friday – The First Stitch

I’m doing some worldbuilding for a story of mine on stream on Sunday, and thinking about it made me write this little “off screen” scene from that story. Enjoy!

The First Stitch

 “Well…” he said, turning the belt over in his hand to expect the other side once more. “At least it is well-made.”

“Did you expect anything less, my love?” his husband asked as he poured the tea almost to the brim of first one cup, then the other.

“No…” he sighed. “I suppose not.” He rolled the belt up carefully and set it aside.

The other laughed lightly. “Come now, you can’t be disappointed, surely?” He put the cups down, and lifted his own to blow gently on the hot liquid.

“No… no, not really.” He shook his head. “It’s good, of course, they’re a good family, large, she’ll do well there.”


“But…” he said, a finger running along the rim of the mug. “I’ll miss her, is all. My sweet Miha. I really thought she would remain with us.”

“Mm, as did I.” He reached out to take his free hand, their fingers interlacing on top of the table. “But you always said she was meant for great things, and great things will be easier to find here than if she comes back home with us.”

“I know, I know.” He lifted the cup, took a slow sip, and put it back down. “It’ll be empty without her, though.”

They sat in silence as the last of the sunlight disappeared outside the window, contemplative faces barely lit up by the solitary candle in the middle of the table. The belt looked a little ominous where it sat cast in shadow, though they knew it held hopes and, soon, would hold the history of their family. They had already bought the threads, taken out their needles and made sure everything was in order. Tomorrow they would begin. “Come now, love,” the man said to his husband. “Best get to bed, so we can catch the first rays of the sun in our first stitch.”

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