Twice Fortnightly – Creative Hangover

I’ve had a really great weekend. I was out of town attending a BJD convention . I left Gothenburg brim-full with creative energy and feeling rather spiffy. This morning, however, what I usually call creative hangover struck. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes when I’m just practically sparking with energy and then come face to face with reality, and unwashed dishes, and dayjob emails, and the notion of actually doing things and not just thinking and talking about it, I just…crash. And I crash harder because I was in such a good mood before. So today I’ve been grumpy and a bit angsty (in addition to a budding cold and my stomach protesting the mistreatment it suffered yesterday when some train delays prevented me from eating properly for most of the day). I met up with a friend, had lunch and bought a splendid outfit and then had tea with my parents in the evening, which was all great fun, but I’m still in a “meh” kind of mood.

I also didn’t really get anything done today, apart from about an hour of freelance translation. Instead of stressing about it, I’m calling this a one-day week and just following my schedule on Friday as usual instead of trying to catch up on what I’ve missed today. I also aim for 3 bonus hours in the evenings/weekend. A low aim, but I’m worried I’m getting ill, and I have plans Saturday. My goals for the week are:

  • Keep reading and taking notes on the MS I’m currently working with
  • Do Worldbuilding Wednesday and Flash Fiction Friday posts
  • Brainstorm around a new-old idea (the one I posted a snippet from on Friday), in case it’s a good NaNo contender
  • Actually plan the goddamn giveaway already!

I didn’t get too much done this past week. I had such high-flying plans for the weekend but when I wasn’t at the convention, I was hanging out with a rather awesome cousin (who I stayed with while I was there), reading Harry Potter in Arabic and brainstorming about the new-old idea mentioned about (with a few breakthroughs!). I did post a Flash Fiction Friday post, though. And I poked by map a bit, but not enough that I wanted to post about it.


And now, ladies and gents… time to sleep!

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