Ooh! Aaah! – ThinkKit Prompt #21

Yesterday’s ThinkKit prompt was skipped because I was at a wedding and got home late, but today’s is to write about something that surprised you this year (hence the somewhat suggestive title).

Well, a lot of things has surprised me this year, like most years. How much better I sleep with the window open has surprised me. How many socks one guy can spread across the floors of an apartment has surprised me. My ability to pull my butt out of the wagon and get things done has surprised me almost as much as my ability to procrastinate for way too long has surprised me. How much fun joining a board game club is has surprised me. How much fun I can have talking to a six-month-old has surprised me. That I actually managed to get a book written has surprised me, as has how frequently the laces of my new boots can untie themselves in a day.

I think a year should be full of surprises! Not the “oh god, why is this happening”-type of surprises, or the heart attack type, but it should be full of those surprises that make you stop for a moment and go “what, really? Who would’ve thought…”. I hope 2015 will have many of them.

ThinkKit is a blog project, with daily prompts in December. Friends who are also doing this are Zee Southcombe and Amanda Staley.

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