Twice Fortnightly: Plodding Along

Whoops! Apparently it’s Wednesday. This week sort of got away from me. I’m officially adding a recurring task to my to-do-list app so I’ll remember to do this on Mondays in future.

So what have I been up to this week? Well… not much, to be honest. Or rather, not much besides Camp Nano and even that’s been slow. I’ve been having some trouble balancing work with writing and other things, and I’ve also been thinking way too much about whether what I’m writing is “genre appropriate” which has been hampering me and making me doubt my choices a bit. I’m over that hump now, though, and plan to just finish the text and worry about how to classify it later.

I’m currently just above 7k words which is something like half of where I should be at this point. I have four days off work starting tomorrow, so I plan to do a lot of catching up then!

4 Replies to “Twice Fortnightly: Plodding Along”

  1. Glad you’re over the hump! And on hump day, no less πŸ™‚

    I struggled with whether my work was genre appropriate a LOT with my WIP. It was Freya and Cassie who said, write the story now, worry about genre later.

    There’s a bunch of advice out there to the contrary, but I’m going with what they said!

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