Zoom! What was that? That was April!


Now I realized doing Y for Yay and then Z for Zoom might seem to be a bit lazy. But honestly though, hasn’t April just zoomed by? I sure don’t know where it went! And what a month it’s been! A few minutes ago I validated my Camp NaNoWriMo word count (just above 31k), so I am now an official winner (since my goal was 30k). This month I’ve drafted a novella (exhilarating) , become an aunt (incredible), done several quite successful manicures (win!), written an exam (progress!) and received a C on it (acceptable) and, which I honestly didn’t think I’d pulled off, posted to my blog every single day except Sundays (plus, you know, work and stuff). Blogging so frequently is new for me, and I’m both surprised and proud of myself for completing this challenge. It’s been a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again next year, hopefully with a theme. But for now I’m going to kick back and celebrate my Awesome April with a cup of tea and some Criminal Minds. Tomorrow May begins, which for me means going back to polishing Going Home and working on it’s cover. Exciting, and a little scary. I hope you’ve had a great April, everyone. Goodnight!

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