Going Home – Cover Reveal

This week’s Twice Fortnightly has been cancelled in favor of, drum-roll please, the cover reveal of Going Home! About time, too, with only a few days to go! As you may recall from my post last week I decided, quite at the last minute, to hire someone to do my cover instead of doing it myself. Since my budget is um… let’s call it strained, I Continue reading Going Home – Cover Reveal

Flip the Script – ThinkKit Prompt #2

Today’s ThinkKit prompt is called “Flip the Script” and encourages bloggers to talk about how they’ve change their mind, in some major or minor way, during the last year. Well, as it happens, I have recently flipped the script in quite a significant way regarding the cover of my upcoming novella Going Home. When I first started thinking about actually Continue reading Flip the Script – ThinkKit Prompt #2