Twice Fortnightly – Crunch Time!

That’s right guys, it’s crunch time! Edits are going well, if a bit more slowly than I’d like. This week I have: Did my daily writing, which mostly consisted of editing Dress Rehearsal Rag. It needs to be run through twice more or so, but it’s starting to get there! Just a few more kinks to iron out. Got my cover shot Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Crunch Time!

Dress Rehearsal Rag – Excerpt #1

As promised, here’s an excerpt from Dress Rehearsal Rag: Later that night, the dining room was bustling with it’s usual activity. A bowl of potato salad, Joe’s special and very appreciated recipe, was being passed around. They were all there except for Miranda who was working late that day and was expected to return at any moment. Charlie had ridden home Continue reading Dress Rehearsal Rag – Excerpt #1

A Sneak Peek on Going Home – Excerpt #2

Guess what? It’s only one month until Going Home is released. I can hardly believe it! To celebrate, here is another excerpt from the novella. Enjoy! She wasn’t sure how long she had crouched there when the feeling of panic finally began to dissipate. She hoped she hadn’t missed the train. She trembled as she raised her head. Looking around she Continue reading A Sneak Peek on Going Home – Excerpt #2

A Sneak Peek on Going Home – Excerpt #1

I was already in bed when I suddenly remembered that I had meant to post the first excerpt from Going Home today. That’ll teach me to schedule important things the day after I’m back from a vacation! Well, I’m back out of bed now so without further ado, here is a little snippet from the very beginning of the novella: A Continue reading A Sneak Peek on Going Home – Excerpt #1