Flash Fiction Friday – Sandalwood

Today’s piece is very tiny. Hope you like it.


As the world started swirling around me, all I could think was that the demon princess had an amazing fashion sense. It was a strange sort of comfort I was most likely being killed by someone who knew how to dress the part.

She’d been waiting for me when I got back for my hotel room. It would be an understatement to say she took me by surprise; I didn’t realize she was there until the handle of her blade was jutting out just under my sternum, at an downward angle that let the tip of it pierce all the way through my heart. She was somewhere halfway between a rockstar and a biker – red jeans too bright to ever have been washed sticking out of high black boots with just enough heel and a silky-looking halter underneath a short, sharp leather jacket. I caught sight of nails manicured to a sharp point, a gold locket, heavy eye-liner, and then I was on the floor. 

She knelt beside me as my vision went black. She smelled of sandalwood.

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