Flash Fiction Friday – The Perfect Cabin

Just a wee thing for you tonight…

The Perfect Cabin

I walk down the path, peering past the trees as I go. I search for dark brown logs, doors and window-frames painted blue, like the description said. There are so many cabins here, huddled among the pines. Small, simple ones without a lick of paint, candy-colored fairytale ones covered in carved flourishes, smooth modern ones with whole glass walls, classic ones with little herbal gardens out front. Some are dark, padlocked shut, others have bright light spilling from the windows. I hear laughter from one, smooth jazz from another, and though I see cars and bikes and footprints, I don’t see any other people though I know there are many others doing just what I’m doing now – searching for theirs in a forest of perfect cabins. 

I continue up the path and in my backpack, something is rolling around and making a steady clicking sound. Did I bring dice? I don’t think I’ll need any, not this time. I haven’t brought much at all, really. Just my laptop, some references, my notebooks and fine-liners. And PJs. Work like this requires PJs. A deck of cards too, for when I need to switch off for the night. Solitaire always was a great way of keeping my mind and fingers distracted. And chargers, and backup chargers, and backups for the backup chargers. Can’t be too careful with that sort of thing. 

Finally I spot a house that matches the picture in my mind’s eye. I leave the path, move up closer, check the number on the door against the slip of paper in my pocket. This is it. There’s a light on inside, just a single one. I’m glad I’m not the first to arrive – the waiting is no good for my nerves. When I open the door, the scent of scones wafts out to greet me, followed closely by the gentle click of a keyboard. A gentle rain is tapping against the windows even though the sky above is clear. I smile as I script out how to say hello to my cabin mate. It’s going to be a good month… 

I seem to be writing about writing a lot lately. Bit ironic, since I haven’t really had as much time (or energy) for writing lately. But hey, I’m just glad I’ve gotten back into my stride with these flash fiction posts! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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