Practical Uses for Superpowers (#2)

I am so sleepy tonight. Here is a thing:

“Come on, come on….” She mumbled as she watched the numbers on the elevator slowly creep lower. Once it finally dinged and the door slid open, she was inside in a heartbeat and pressing close-door button. The ride up to the 7th floor was the slowest ever, and on every floor people seemed to want to get in – Just her luck on the day she was running late for a meeting with her manager. He wasn’t going to take “my bus was late” for an answer either, and if she lost this job she’d be fucked until she found a new one. She hadn’t had it long enough to put any money aside yet.

She arrived at the 7th floor and peered out. The landing was empty, and she crept from the elevator and up to the beginning of the hallway to her office, desperate for her manager not to spot her still in her coat. If it wasn’t so cold outside she could maybe get away with pretending she’d just gone to the kitchen for some coffee. It wouldn’t be great, but still better than not even being in the building yet. She peered into the hallway, then pulled back. There he was. Relief washed over her – he hadn’t made it to her office yet. He was standing in the middle of the hallway, laughing obnoxiously with one of the guys from the IT department. She had a chance still… if she just focused.

She closed her eyes, and visualized the small empty spot in the middle of her office floor. If she could just get there, if she was just standing there when he came in, she’d- poof!

“Yes!” It worked! Holy shit, it worked! She’d never tried in such close quarters before.

She heard steps outside, and quickly threw off her coat, draping it over her chair, turning on the computer and dropping her purse under her desk. Then she opened the window – it always smelled of popcorn right after for some reason. Just as she let go of the window handle, she heard the door open behind her. Turning, she put on her most winning smile.

“Good morning, Mr. Blake.”

Good night, ya’ll!

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