Flash Fiction Friday – Docking

I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek lately. Been making my way through The Original Series and also watching Shield of Tomorrow, a Star Trek rpg show on Geek & Sundry. This has all lead me to be in a space ship and alien sort of mood, so I wrote this little piece:

​”Attention all passengers.” The voice that came through the loudspeakers send a hush through the cafeteria. People paused, turning their attention to the familiar computerized voice, some even looking up toward the speakers as though that would make the message more clear. “We will be arriving at Demiros Station in… 4 hours… and… 27 minutes. Estimated waiting time to disembark is… 1 hour… 22 minutes.”

“Fiiiiinally!” Jeena said, slumping forward over the table, arms draping all the way over to the other side, in a dramatic show. By now the speakers were rattling off the usually information about how to disembark safely and how to make sure your cabin was still waiting for you when you got back, but most people had gone back to their affairs and the buzz of conversation practically drowned out the instructions. “We’ve been stuck in this tin can for way too long.”

​”How can it be…” Altor said dryly, shifting his breakfast tray away from her spilling hair. “That even after having completed the Circuit a minimum of 6 times on the same vessel, you still expect each leg of the trip to be faster than the previous time?”

​She propped herself up with her hands under her chin and looked at him. “What makes you think I’ve done it 6 times?” she retorted, wiggling her eyebrows.

​”It’s not a matter of thinking, simply remembering. have done the circuit 6 times and you were already on board when I moved her, thus… a minimum of 6 times.”

​”Nebulæ, has it really been that long?” She sat up straight again, looking around the table. She sought out Toros’ eyes for confirmation. Her brother nodded, grunting something as he shoved the last of his breakfast into his mouth. “Well then… no time to waste!” She slapped her palms against the table and stood, making a few people at nearby tables start and turn to look in the direction of the sound. “I’ve got outfits that need picking out. See y’all down in disembarking, usual spot, yeah?”

She didn’t wait for anyone to answer. Tossing her long hair back over her shoulder, the heavy rings that adorned her ears from lobe to the ridged helix that indicated her Ketro heritage jangling against one another, and swept out of the cafeteria.

Silence descended over the table a moment as Toros wiped his fingers and the corners of his mouth with a napkin, Altor still picking at his food with a fork.

​”You disembarking?” Toros asked.

​”Yes… It’s Demiros after all. Can’t miss my chance at stocking up on some proper spices…” He set his fork down and pushed his plate away with a look of distaste.

​Toros chuckled. “Good… look forward to your grub instead of this cafeteria muck.”

​Altor looked at Toros’ empty tray, plate scraped clean, and raised an eyebrow.

​”Look, I gotta eat to keep all this fueled,” he said, spreading his arms out and flexing his impressive biceps for a moment. “Doesn’t mean I enjoy the stuff they serve here.”

​Altor shrugged. “As long as you help pay for the ingredients.”

​”Sure, always,” he replied. “Listen, I was thinking… I might off-ship it for a circuit, make some money, see if I can afford a transfer to the swankier decks next time around.”

​”On Demiros?” He sounded surprised.

​”Nah, nah… on Leston. Get in on all that sweet construction cash…”

​”What about Jeena?” he asked. “I doubt she would be very happy on a half-built station.”

​Toros shrugged. “She could stay behind. Doubt she’d want to work construction anyway. I bet you could find something though… overseer gig, or logistics.” He raised both eyebrows as if to say ‘what do you think?’.

​”It’s worth considering…” Altor conceded. It had been such a long time since he did a circuit off-ship, he wasn’t quite sure how he’d like it.

​”Good!” Toros shot him a grin. “See you down in the usual spot, yeah?” He stood, and picked up both his and Jeena’s trays.

​”Hey, Tor,” Altor said as the other began to move away from the table. ​”I suppose this has nothing to do with Keriak, right?”

​Toros just grinned widely and gave a quick shrug before turning away again. Altor shook his head, picking his fork back up and poking at the sorry excuse for breakfast before him. A circuit off-ship to make some money and give Toros a chance to make up with his former boyfriend? He’d heard worse ideas…

​Just a little thing, but may turn into something bigger. Who knows?

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