Flash Fiction Friday – Reluctant Emperor

I’ve got a tiny morsel of a fiction piece for you today. As so often, this one comes from a prompt taken from Seventh Sanctum.

I never wanted to be an evil emperor. All this pillaging and burning of cities, all these hubristic, grandiose speeches… it’s just not in my nature. But you do what you’ve got to do. They say we all have our roles to play, and I do my best to play mine even though my heart’s not quite in it.

​I’d much rather be a hero. Wind in my hair, riding across an untamed wasteland with a companion by my side and adventure in my sights. I could’ve been great hero. Valorous, clever, quick on my feet… just cheeky enough to still be charming. A heart of gold, and a silken tongue. I could’ve been glorious. It’s a waste of potential, really, me being an evil emperor. I never wanted this… Still, you can’t have everything you want.

​To be honest, I blame Mrs. Morris. After all, she did the casting!

I know, kind of a cheap shot but hey… gotta go for a punchline sometimes! Take care, lovelies!

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