Tool Tips – Memrise

I’m not doing much Worldbuilding right now, so I don’t have a Worldbuilding Wednesday for you today, but I wanted to post something. Since I’ve been volunteering today, and got to practice my Arabic a lot, I thought this language-related post (which I wrote a while back) would be appropriate. Ever heard of Memrise? Well, you have now! Memrise is a learning Continue reading Tool Tips – Memrise

V is for Vocabulary

Vocabularies are funny things. In Swedish, vocabulary is called ordförråd which literally means “word stockpile” or “word storage” so I always imagine a vocabulary being a sort of large cupboard that you put words into. With my Arabic studies, vocabulary has always been my biggest problem (other than, you know, actually having the guts to speak). I’ve had no problems with Continue reading V is for Vocabulary