Flash Fiction Friday – Fancy Coats and Chilly Toes

I didn’t get around to posting when I wrote it, but I finally got back to writing flash fic again! Yay! This piece is a bit random but here we are.

Fancy Toes and Chilly Toes

There are too many fancy coats downtown. Mia isn’t even really sure how she knows that the coats are fancy, she just knows. They’re not prettier coats than in other parts of town, except the odd vintage wonder, they just have that vibe. The fancy vibe. The you-may-not-like-me-but-you-still-couldn’t-afford-me vibe. Mia doesn’t like it.

The weather has turned and she hasn’t kept up. Now she’s freezing and feeling out of place. The wind nips at her cheeks, she regrets not wearing long sleeves under the coat, and she definitely should’ve gone for the boots. It’s going to take doubles socks for her feet to warm back up when she gets home.

As she passes by the opera, a little girl, in a bright purple dress under her jacket and with a Switch in her hand, strides joyfully and purposefully four paces ahead of the two women behind her. The younger woman looks serious and professional in something grey and clean-cut. The older one looks one pearly necklace short of the Nobel prize dinner, but she holds a tattered cat plush toy in one hand, half outstretched as thought she’s ready to give it back to its rightful owner at a moment’s notice.

Mia smiles, and let’s her shoulders drop. Her coat may be old, and from H&M, and with holes in the pockets so large she can’t keep her phone in there anymore, but it’s still nice to know that even with the fancy coats, in some small ways, people aren’t that different here.

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