Flash Fiction Friday- No Time For Imps

I had a tiny little dream when I was napping earlier today, so here’s a tiny little flash fic piece. I think it’s conceptually related to The Vessel, a flash fic piece I wrote over two years ago.

No Time For Imps

As sleep receded she became aware that someone, something, was watching her. With a deep sigh, she opened her eyes.

The creature was small and wrinkled, sitting on it’s gangly haunches on the back of the couch. Squinting orange eyes peered down at her, as long, dirty fingernails slowly dug into the upholstery. When it saw her open her eyes, it grinned widely with sharp teeth.

“No.” She closed her eyes again, readjusting her legs underneath the blanket and crossing her arms over her chest in a strange sort of self-hug. 

The creature made a surprised noise, almost sounding disappointed. She heard it shift, inching closer to her. A smell of mud and rotting leaves tickled her nose and told her just how close it have moved. 

“No,” she said again. It hissed. 

She raised her hand and drew a rune in the air. “Go.” Eyes still closed she flicked her hand in the direction of the creature, releasing the spell. With a poof and a slight smell of phosphorus, it was gone.

She yawned and pulled her blanket up to her chin, turning onto her side to resume her nap. She’d been up until four doing a cleansing last night, and she was picking her kids up in two hours. She had no time for imps today.

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