Flash Fiction Friday – Re: re: Just an October hello

A lot of different media I’m consuming are touching on reincarnation and otherwise getting a new body right now, so here’s a little thing that popped into my brain.I really enjoy writing in this sort of style sometimes, letters or journal entries or that sort of thing. Hope you like it!

Re: re: Just an October hello

Dear Tuko,

It is now thirteen days since Thira returned to us. I still don’t quite recognize em. I do, but I don’t. It’s just like what everyone says – it is eir face and it is not eir face. The same strong jaw, the same crinkle at the edge of eir eyes, the same dimples and the same mahogany hair, yet… entirely different. I forget for the briefest moments, like this morning when e handed me a slice of toast over breakfast and I guess there was something funny in the papers and suddenly e laughed and for a second… stars, I almost cried. And why? E’s here. E’s here again, finally. But… I don’t know. It’s an adjustment. And e’s sweet. E’s reaching out but not pushing, not keeping to emself either. I know it’s just a bump in the road. It’s just not one I expected, you know?

You should come visit us someday. Even I haven’t seen you in ages and Thira… well, it’s been since before, right? E’d like to see you, I think. E mentioned you the other day. I couldn’t quite tell how much e remembered and I didn’t wanna push eir memories to emerge before… I don’t know, before it’s the right time, I guess. E seemed interested in meeting you, though. And either way, I think you and me are way overdue for dinner.

I should round this off, I need to head to work soon. Just wanted to… I don’t know, use our correspondence as my form of journaling, as is my tradition? 😛  I’m supposed to be teaching a class on the metaphysical process of reincarnation and… stars, it feels so weird. I know all the theory so well, I’ve taught this class so many times, I keep updated with all the latest writing, academic or otherwise, but this is still the first time that it’s someone who’s… you know… one of mine. I don’t think I’m gonna do the lecture today. Not my usual slides, anyway. Maybe I’ll just talk to the kids. I don’t really know how many of them have a loved one who’s been reborn, if I’m being honest. At least one, I think, but then… it’s not something you talk about casually, you know? I think I overheard one of them saying eir grandparent is in first grade now but doesn’t remember yet. Same school. Must be weird…

All right, now I really need to round this off.

Love and stars. Consider coming to visit! Maybe next month, once May has made things greener here. I’ll make waffles.


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