Adventboost 2017 – Day 12 – Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver

Have you ever wanted to read about an apocalyptic dystopia but like… one full of fluff and love and cuteness? Then you should read:

Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver

Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver is a wonderful little enigma of a book that’s simultaneously one of the grimmest dystopias I’ve ever read and one of the sweetest, most hopeful books I’ve ever read. It’s about Parole, a city perpetually on fire and quarantined away for the rest of the world in which many interesting people with unique abilities live. It is about revolutionaries, survivors, lovers and fighters struggling to keep hope alive and their loved ones safe against some really harsh odds. It’s also a helluva ride, one of those books you just fly through. It’s got some really lovely, well-written and sympathetic characters (and a few supremely unsympathetic ones too). Honestly, it was an odd read. There’s so much sadness and trauma and awfulness in it but at the same time I finished the read feeling… oddly uplifted.

Chameleon Moon is book 1 in a series by the same name. The sequel, The Lifeline Signal, is currently available, as is a number of short stories set in the same world. I still haven’t read them. I’ve started so many more series than I’ve finished this year.

Oh, and I can’t finish without mentioning one of my favorite parts of the book: three of the central characters form a (pre-established) polyamorous triad of kick-ass mommas who are honestly just my favorite thing ever. I love them so much! I need to get, like, stickers or something. Seriously. They’re so great!

RoAnna Sylver is a queer, disabled author who likes to write about hope <3. You can follow them on Twitter @RoAnnaSylver, and you can also patron them on Patreon to get awesome exclusive content! RoAnna also writes a series called Stake Sauce which is about vampires and currently has one novel and one short story collection published in it. Go buy, read and review RoAnna’s things, follow them on social media and generally spread the hopeful dystopia vibes!

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