Nailed It!


Lately I’ve gotten really into nails and manicures. I mean, I’ve always liked having some nice color on my nails (as well as keeping them fairly long) but it’s only lately that I’ve really gotten into trying to learn how to do my nails in different ways. For some reason, when I was younger I had this feeling that, being a geek, I wasn’t really “supposed to” spend time and effort on things to do with my appearance, like nails or makeup. I would use beauty products casually but I never really… learned, y’know? Well, the older I get the more I’m learning to enjoy these types of things that I once considered “too girly” to put real effort into. And nails are definitely my favorite! They’re so much fun and there are so many great polishes and awesome techniques out there!

The first “proper” mani I ever did, and my favorite to date.

I usually do my nails once a week these days, and have for the last couple of months. No more waiting until it chips off on its own. I try to attempt new techniques and styles often but sometimes I get lazy and settle for a plain style.

Been on a glitter spree lately. Top is last weeks mani, bottom is my mani at the time of typing.

The only part I dislike about doing my nails is removing the nail polish. It’s such a hassle, and acetone really dries out my skin. Still totally worth it, though. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to plan how to do my nails for Easter this weekend.

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