Twice Fortnightly – Riveting Realizations

I had a lovely realization recently. It was this: in my company account I have a few hundred dollars, money I’ve earned on my freelance translations. I am perfectly allowed to use that money to reinvest in my business by spending it on things relation to my writing (since that is, after all, part of my business). It could even Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Riveting Realizations

Twice Fortnightly – More Baby Steps

It’s been a pretty good week, here. Nice weather and a lot of things checked off the to-do list. Mostly small things, but it’s progress anyway. I’ve had a strange feeling of being very busy and at the same time not really doing anything. In spite of that, this past week I have: Done my daily writing, just random bits Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – More Baby Steps

Twice Fortnightly – I survived Camp! So… Now what?

That’s right, I survived Camp NaNo once again! I even won, reaching my word goal of 50k, which feels pretty dang awesome. Writing this story was a bit of a wild ride; it sprawled all over the place like a well-fed weed. It also decided that it wants to be a graphic novel when it grows up, which is a Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – I survived Camp! So… Now what?

Twice Fortnightly – Calm before the Camp

Eek, it’s almost April! I’m so excited for Camp. I’ll be honest, though, there’s another story that’s occupying most of my writerly thoughts right now so I’m a bit worries about whether I’ll be able to switch gears to my Camp project. But I’ve done it before so it should be okay. So, what have I been up to. Well, Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Calm before the Camp

Twice Fortnightly – Beta Time!

I did it guys, I finished my draft! I had a terrible writing week with a serious case of “end of book”-jitters, but in the weekend I finally pulled myself together and finished it. On Sunday, I sent it out to my lovely beta readers. Can’t wait to hear what they say! Other than that Did my daily writing on about Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Beta Time!

Twice Fortnightly – Almost Drafted!

What a week! It seems spring has come to Stockholm and I’ve been enjoying the lovely weather as well as doing a lot of writing. Here’s what I’ve done: Drafted chapters 15-19 of Dress Rehearsal Rag. It’s weird, I’m not sure why I had this as my goal since the plan was to only have 20 chapters and it’s odd to leave Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Almost Drafted!

Twice Fortnightly – Drafting Season

This morning, I was super nervous. The reason for this was that yesterday I finished re-writing chapter 13 of “the sequel”, so today I had to work on chapter 14. Chapter 14 onward consists mostly of drafting new material rather than rewriting my old draft, and for some reason this suddenly felt very scary. Like, what if I added all this Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Drafting Season

Dress Rehearsal Rag – Coming in June 2015!

That’s right, peeps, the title of my upcoming novella is Dress Rehearsal Rag. As you may know, it’s the sequel of Going Home. I’ve decided to release it in early June. I figure, even if I finish it in late May, a few days extra polishing doesn’t hurt! So what do you think of the title? On the surface, it might Continue reading Dress Rehearsal Rag – Coming in June 2015!