Weird. Wild. Wacky. – ThinkKit Prompt #10

Today’s ThinkKit prompt, which I nearly forgot to do, is to write about something weird that happened to you in the last year. An odd coincidence perhaps, or an inexpiable series of events. The reason I almost forgot about the prompt was that I’m currently working on getting Going Home ready for publishing, and familiarizing myself with all the aspects of Scrivener’s Continue reading Weird. Wild. Wacky. – ThinkKit Prompt #10

Just Can’t Wait – ThinkKit Prompt #9

As you may have noticed, I ended up skipping my ThinkKit prompt yesterday. It was about rants and raves, encouraging bloggers to get up on the soapbox about some issue and I skipped it because: a) when I try to soapbox in writing it tends to become long and incoherent and I upset myself in the process of writing it Continue reading Just Can’t Wait – ThinkKit Prompt #9

Alla-Kazam! – ThinkKit Prompt #7

Today’s ThinkKit prompt encourages bloggers to think of one thing they would magically change in 2015 if they could. I always find those sorts of questions tricky. They make me feel like a contestant in one of those beauty pageants, where they’re supposed to say what they wish for and they all say “World Peace”. Because how can you not, right? Continue reading Alla-Kazam! – ThinkKit Prompt #7

Third Place – ThinkKit Prompt #6

Today’s ThinkKit prompt is about your “third home”, that place besides your home and your work where you spent lots of time this year. And honestly, I can’t think of one. I mean, I spend a fair bit of time at my folks’ place, at my best friend’s flat, at cafés and on the bus but… none of these stick Continue reading Third Place – ThinkKit Prompt #6

2¢ – ThinkKit Prompt #4

Today’s ThinkKit prompt is to write about a piece of advice one has been given during the year and to be honest, I’m struggling with what to write about. It’s not that I haven’t recieved any advice this year. On the contrary, I’ve recieved loads. When you’re a writer who follows a lot of other writers on Twitter, at times Continue reading 2¢ – ThinkKit Prompt #4

Deck the LOLs – ThinkKit prompt #3

Today’s ThinkKit prompt was to write about something incredibly funny that happened in the last year. Well, to be honest I wasn’t able to think of any one thing that deserved this place of honor on the blog. But I could think of a person: my boyfriend. As I mentioned yesterday, my boyfriend moved in with me a few months Continue reading Deck the LOLs – ThinkKit prompt #3